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Latest News from Alisa Stamps, MSS, LCSW

Happy Holidays! As we close yet another year during these trying times, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who have subscribed to my site. You are greatly appreciated and I hope that you have found this page to be a helpful and informative resource.

A few new points of interest to checkout on

  • Please take a look and subscribe to my recently created Youtube channel. You can find the link icon at the top of my page with the other social media platform icons.

  • New podcasts and article links have been added on the "Media" portion of my page. Please feel free to take a look and check back there periodically, as I will be a featured guest on some upcoming podcasts that haven't yet been posted.

  • And of course--my book, THE GASLIGHTING RECOVERY JOURNAL has been published! Use the menu item at the top of my page for information and ordering details.

In many ways, this year has been one of the most creative of my life and I am so glad that you could come along on this journey. I hope to continue to bring interesting and thought-provoking content to my site, as well as my other social media platforms. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions of topics you might like to see in the future.

I wish everyone a safe, peaceful, and restful holiday season. Onwards and upwards!

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