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Alisa Stamps, MSS, LCSW

I help adult children of narcissists, cult abuse and religious trauma survivors, and those struggling with disordered eating and body image overcome their emotional and relational trauma so that they can discover their true authentic selves.

You look in the mirror and see the "bad" traits.  That you are not smart enough, not thin enough, not "good or righteous" enough.  You realize these traits were projected there by someone else--a past partner, or maybe even a parent.  You want to recover from perhaps a lifetime of narcissistic abuse and emotional pain but you don't know where to begin.  I can support you in developing your inner strengths so that when you look in the mirror it will be your true self staring back at you.

"Why not wake up this morning?"


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Calm Sea

Often, people find themselves at a crossroads in their lives and are in need of an unbiased person to help them walk through and move forward.  I specialize in working with individuals who are adult children of narcissists, and who may be struggling with disordered eating and body image issues.  Additionally, I also offer treatment for religious trauma and cult abuse, anxiety, 

codependency/family conflict, and complex trauma. 

I envision the therapeutic relationship to be a place of authenticity, spontaneity, and of course, healing--with a bit of humor sprinkled in here and there.  I enjoy working with individuals who are active, engaged, energetic, and are willing to take risks in service of self-exploration.


Sea Shore
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Individual Therapy

I use the therapeutic modalities of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Gestalt, which are experimental, existential, and experiential.  What I love about these forms of therapy is that they deal with the Here and Now, as well as our own internal worlds, and can bring tremendous Awareness to those seeking help.  I also concentrate on embodiment and the somatic aspects of mental health and remain curious about how thoughts and feelings manifest in the body.  

I’m always searching for creative ways to connect the body and mind, be it through movement, utilizing vocal or acting techniques, or just sitting with self.  

Group Therapy

Shattering the Mirror:  Support and Recovery for Adult Children of Narcissists

Utilizing resources such as the five-step recovery model popularized by Dr. McBride (author of "Will I Ever Be Good Enough), we will begin to process all of the phases that come with having a narcissistic parent so that we may emerge on the other side with tools we need to move forward.

Every other Thursday from 12noon-1:15pm

       **currently on hiatus**

Speaker/International Instructor/Supervisor

I have several courses and topics that I am able to instruct and speak about virtually.  They include:

-A Glimpse Into the Narcissistic Family System

-A Discussion About Disordered Eating and Body Image

-Introduction to Gestalt Therapy

-Resilience and Grit

-Improv for Therapists

I also offer supervision for pre-licensed or current therapists.  

Get in Touch

My Story

I've had many new beginnings in my life.  Originally from Wisconsin, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison obtaining a Bachelors of Music Education degree.  I was a vocal music teacher for many years and then spent time as a professional actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer after moving to Philadelphia.  Sensing I was on the verge of finding my true passion, I enrolled in graduate school at Bryn Mawr College's School of Social Work and Social Research and received a Masters of Social Service. 

My post-graduate work has included a three -year Gestalt training certificate program, as well as training in cult abuse and religious trauma recovery, somatic/embodiment work, and a Level 1 certification in  Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).  I am a member of the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work (PSCSW), and have sat on the board of the Philadelphia Area Group Psychotherapy Society (PAGPS). 

I am the author of The Gaslighting Recovery Journal--Prompts and Practices for Healing from Emotional Abuse

(paid link)

and host of the podcast, You're Not the Crazy One!.  I've also recently come on board as a contributor for Jennifer Magazine, have been a guest on various international podcasts, and have been published on several national websites.  

I believe that my previous careers and experiences helped to prepare for this one, and allowed me to be shaped into the clinician that I am today.

Other loves in my life include my daughter and husband, exploring the city, bike riding, and playing with my dog and cat. 

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Boats in the Water

*Watch guest appearances on Narcissist Abuse Support with Tracy Malone podcast

*Watch guest appearance on Living Your Life Without Limits

*Featured in article on Well + Good website

*Listen to guest appearance on Integrative Conversations podcast

*Listen to guest appearance on Process the Journey with April Watts podcast

*Listen to guest appearance on The Group Work with Katie K. May podcast

The WIEBGE acronym stands for Will I Ever Be Good Enough? and signifies level I certification in Dr. Karyl McBride's five-step recovery model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents.

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FAQ's and Fees

How long does each therapy session take?

Weekly individual therapy sessions are approximately 50 minutes.  The cost is $175 per session.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes.  However, there are a limited number of appointments available at a reduced fee.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept any private insurance.  For those with out-of-network benefits, a superbill (statement or monthly receipt) can be provided which can then be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do you offer telehealth/video sessions?

Yes!  I utilize the Simple Practice telehealth for HIPPA compliant video sessions.

What is the cost of the Shattering the Mirror group?

This bi-weekly group is $50 per session.

How much does supervision cost?

$75 per session.

Contact me today for your free 15-minute consultation

100 S. Broad St., Suite 1515
Philadelphia, PA 19102


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